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Setting pdf properties when exporting a chart.

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2023 8:28 am
by 16595488
I'm exporting to pdf a chart created with TeeChart Pro v2023 (Build 2023.27.230130) in RAD Studio 11.
The instructions I'm using to export the chart are:

Code: Select all

if fileName.EndsWith('.pdf') then begin
    with TPDFExportFormat.Create do try
             SaveTofile(Chart, fileName);

Is there a way to set the pdf properties of the exported file?
Nice to have, would be:
  • the file title:
    now the /Title option is fixed to 'TeeChart Export', we would like to have something related to the file content.
  • the text encoding:
    it seems that the default encoding of the text in the pdf is Windows 1252.
    This is OK for most western Europa languages, but it can not encode est European and Asian characters.
Thank you