Issue with drawing of series mark

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Re: Issue with drawing of series mark

Post by Yeray » Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:29 pm

Hello Leo,
Leo_ wrote:1. Regarding the drawing issue of the characters (ID Codes): I just did a test where I create a second separate series for the ID Codes. It's a TPointSeries with Style set to "Nothing" to not show the point itself. Now I can add (Assign) a Mark to the point and use the default positioning and thus do not have to implement OnAfterDraw or Series.OnGetMarkText to reposition the Marks when the main graph is scrolling. It seems to work great, so I'll go for this solution.
That solution is easier than manually drawing the elements. So, if it fits your needs, go for it!
Leo_ wrote:2. Inconsistent spacing of marks: I agree, the combination of a TTimer and function the Now from the main Thread does not seem to be a good thing in this case. My incoming datastream for the real app (not the demo attached here) does not have a TimeStamp for the incoming datasamples as they are considered live data. Thus I have to use the "Now" function I think, but I'll wrap this part of my app in a separate thread. I would not be surprised if this solves the issue :)
Don't hesitate to let us know if you find problems with it.
Leo_ wrote:3. Speed: I've done some more testing and on my three available devices it is actually the 10" pad that seems to suffer the most. This device is now running on Android 5.0.1. What I'll do:
- Improve my own code by using threads
- Follow the hints you provided in the link
- Upgrade the device to maybe Android 6
Another thing you could do is to disable AutoRepaint and force chart repaints each x point additions. It would result in a less "live" experience, but it would reduce the device's suffering.
Best Regards,
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