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Help in Charting development

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:52 pm
by 8753501

A Steema customer requires the help of a developer for the [tee]charting aspect of a new product development project. He is looking for help from someone experienced with TeeChart component.

The charts to be produced will look similar to the attached images.

Charts have multiple horizontal “channels” (Series) that contain either “numerical”, “discrete events” or “Boolean” data.
Charting functionality will include:

-Add/Edit/view annotations
-Hide/show channels(Series)
-Right click in the chart to get a context menu
-Expand a channel (Series) vertically to make it “larger”

If you are interested in the opportunity and would like to contact the customer for more information, please let us know by sending the link of this topic, along with your contact details to Your information will be treated confidentially and passed on to the customer directly.