Problem using FastLine or Lines on vertically oriented chart

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Problem using FastLine or Lines on vertically oriented chart

Post by SS » Mon Dec 15, 2003 11:01 pm

In the attached files you can see the 2 ways we plot data (Horizontal and Vertical). Its the same data one with the data values plotted on the X axis (Horizontal Chart) and one with the data plotted on the Y axis (Vertical Charts).

To accomplish the above task in TeeChart AX 5.0.3; in both cases we used seriesType csLine with XValues.Order = 0 and YValues.Order = 0
For the vertical charts we used HorizontalAxis = 0 and for horizontal charts used VerticalAxis = 0.

As you can see from the attached files we have Null values (except the red referrence line at point 0). If the charts are full of data points, when scrolling the charts in and out of a web page (charts off the screen) the refresh rate becomes an issue. Fortunately this issue is resolved with the csFastLine and drawallpoints = false and since csFastLine supports Nulls in this works well.

The problem however in upgrading to TeeChart AX we are unable to use csLine or csFastLine in our vertical charts any longer. Even though we set the Xvalues.Order to loNone the series are still sorted by the XValues. To get the effect we want we need to use the new HorizontalLineSeries. This means we can not get the benefits of csFastLine any longer for our vertical charts.

Is the XValues.Order thing a known issue or can someone give me a hint if something else changed to help support what we are trying to accomplish or atleast tell me a FastHorizontalLineSeries is around the corner. 8)


2 attached files and this issue were also placed on the newsgroup attachments site.

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